Kasech Rayaweyti (ካሕሳ)

Producer of thoughts, interviews, analysis, clothing and good will. Through exploration of cultural identities, ideologies, historical paths taken and politics I aim to show people that the world is not black and white and as polarised as social media depicts. By wading through the unknown of the grey we all have the ability to segment our thinking of others and build a society where all people are truly free to be themselves both individually and culturally.

My main focus is the indigenous nations of the Horn of Africa. Through setting the example of liberating the nations that make up the region, the entire world can learn what it means to truly appreciate the uniqueness of all our cultures and religions.

Tales from the Horn

As I stood up at the start of the war on #Tigray I realised there are thousands of untold stories from around the Horn of Africa that haven’t been heard. As I saw the atrocities committed against the people of Tigray, I realised this is the same story right throughout #Ethiopia and #Eritrea. The gruesome acts of Abiy Ahmed, Isias Aferwerki and the political elite, have not just been contained to Tigray. And it is time the world start to understand the people and nations of the people of the Horn of Africa.

To hopefully help change the course of the future Ethiopia and Eritrea and ensure a peaceful transition. I have created this show. To learn from the stories of others and promote friendship and peace.

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