Kasech Rayaweyti- Avid thinker

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”- Socrates

The name Kasech means compensation. The gift you are given after a struggle has been complete. It is rather ironic that my friends in the Tigrayan community changed my real name to that. Without their knowing the compensation I have been given by the interactions with their people is the greatest gift one could have. Through my own life’s struggle to find the truth of my paternal identity, crisis of confidence, uncaring relationships and lost will to live, I traveled to Ethiopia with an open heart. At 24 years of age I went to meet a Tigrayan man whom I had only met two times in Australia in the hope that this trip would uncover what I had been looking for. The result was the greatest compensation one could be given for a life of soul searching and hell defying pain, two wonderful children were born. When their father and I seperated I refused to let them suffer the pain I went through as a child. Not knowing my paternal identity left me with a hole I was unable to fill. I set off to explore their cultural history and it gave me a will to live.

By 30 I had found my father, single parented, attempted new relationships and love, failed and picked myself up again. The compensation I am given for an internal resilient faith continues to expand. My passion to uncover and understand humanity has been ignited. And that fire has to be expressed. I feel deeply connected to exploring all angels of history, politics and national identities within the Horn of Africa. I aim to to help those understand that even through crisis one can survive and still be in love with helping humanity.

Hate and revenge gets us nowhere, but by facing our inner fears and shining the light of truth unto who we are, both individually and culturally, the world can be a better place. Read more of my thoughts here.