Are all diaspora truly representative of the civilians back home?

As I write this it is focused to some diaspora groups linked to nations in the Horn of Africa. But it can be applied in a practical sense to any diaspora group representing those in a conflict and dictatorial regime.

The gravity of obnoxiously demanding usa based diaspora of the Amhara and Eritrean groups have highlighted a very dangerous interaction between diaspora and the lives of those civilians in Africa. I look around at the comments on Twitter and clubhouse and all I see is hate and vitriolic rhetoric spewing from Amhara and Eritrean diaspora. The hate and arrogance is far beyond the humility and hospitality the people actually in Africa have. And as I reflect on just how damaging the diaspora have been to the politics in Ethiopia and Eritrea, I am hoping that Jawar is not trying to do the same thing. To rally an army of money lined diaspora to help him campaign for round two of the “Oromo Struggle” and the OFC agenda, headed by Merera Gudina, who has been primed by the USA.

It is obvious that in Africa, if you are a realist and recognise that the people have no means to support a purely capitalist system especially around core infrastructure, the west (particularly the USA) will eliminate you. Their message is clear, keep Ethiopia together. And this is to be done at all costs, despite the wishes of the people. This is telling the entire region, the civilians have no choice. Just control them with shallow media and entertainment. And this is the way Abiy has been. Appease the liberation of the people by showing off festivals and building pretty parks, make grandiose statements of peace and unity all the while selling the assets off and keeping the place “together” in chaos. Requiring a charismatic leader who appeases the fears and promises glory and protection to rule unchecked. Thus becoming a tyrant to society with a pretty face and feel good attitude. Better known as a dictator. The word dictator comes from the Roman Empire, when in chaos a legitimate role of dictator would be put in place and when the chaos was over, they would return power to the polity.

If one is honestly observing the American society and the culture of the state, it becomes clear that Hollywood actors and musicians are the most respected and revered as not only entertainers, but experts on politics and social justice. All one needs to start testing this hypothesis is to watch the interview between Cardi B and Joe Biden. If you look at her celebrity status, listen to the actual content of her lyrics and hear the political opinions she has, you will notice how crass and uneducated she really is when it comes to the philosophical thoughts required to be an “expert” in society and politics. You can hear that she has very little depth or intellectual maturity and experience in politics, yet we witnessed the President elect nodding along and agreeing with her, validating the arguments she put forward, which at times often tumbled on themselves. However the instant gratification of seeing “your Girl” with the next President, gave the Democrats once again the “street cred” to convince the urban communities that they were on their side.

The point of this anecdote is that, the USAs social culture is so that, you worship an “icon” and stay distracted in the chaotic theatrical rhetoric of what is, the news. And then when a dictator shall roll in, you will never notice because you are too busy just pining for that next instant hit of media satisfaction. Social media is a tool of addiction towards this quick win lifestyle and challenges no deep thought or provocative world changing ideas. Forgetting the troubles of yesterday and manipulating your emotions from high to low or so deeply that only focusing on the joy of today will fill the emotional void. And when one is emotionally in chaos, the last thing they feel like doing philosophically analyse the situation and challenge the authorities (in this case celebrities) who keep people amped up with such instant emotional satisfaction.

This system of relying on the short term memory and quick gratification of entertainment is a goldmine the Amhara elite of eSat and Ethio 360 plus Abiy picked up on. They coupled that with the tools that control the masses in Ethiopia, the church, and brought forward with the money of the diaspora, a social chaos that required a one man show. We see now that the one man entitlement is backfiring on the Amhara nationals and Fano, as Abiy will not give his seat for anyone, regardless of their previous friendship. Abiy capitalised on full media narration and blocked out critics with arrests and international bans to the conflict zones.

I bring all this up as a warning to first the Oromo diaspora, see and check that Jawar and OFC are not just copying these methods. Criticise and pay attention to the way OMN has operated and the exposure they have given to anything that looks like a separation of Ethiopia, that will truly see Oromia free from the empire. Or are the simply encouraging an Oromo dominated Ethiopia?

Secondly my warning to the Tegaru, are their celebrity symbols in society who are keeping you distracted from debate? Who manipulate your emotions with grand online gestures of depression and tears? Who encourage you to just sit in the wallows of hurt and pain or to the extreme and party and too distracted to think? Is their characters in your society that crave attention and dismiss the intelligence of others? Who bad mouth and push away allies who advocate for the civilians rights to self determination?

To all, are the celebrities in your diaspora calling for resilience and continuing on philosophical thought amidst the chaos? And encouraging the formation of strategic alliances and genuine economic and business partnerships between nations? Or are they appeasing your emotions with further joy or despair so as that you fall into the chaos and control trap of modern tyrannical dictators? Are they just telling you what to think, what to tweet, how to “identify an enemy”? Or are they encouraging you to be resilient, plan for the future and find lasting solutions? Ask yourself, are you in the diaspora being used as an economic funnel for would be political elite in the future, whose interest is in gaining power for status or are you supporting leaders who are dedicated to actually being a servant to public? Which by the way is the role of a politician in a true democracy, a person who see the needs of the people and fills the gaps with solutions that benefit them, not themselves, international or local corporations or celebrities.

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