Is Ethiopia hurtling towards all-out ethnic conflict?”

Response to the 2nd half of the discussion “Is Ethiopia hurtling towards all-out ethnic conflict?” | The Stream 29/03/2020
At 11:55 you hear the OLA leader Jaal Maroo openly say he wants independent investigation into the #Amhara killings in #Oromia.

My question to the audience, if the OLA were responsible, why would they ask for independent investigations?

My conclusion is, yes there has been the killing of #Amhara innocent civilians. And as an advocate for humanity, these crimes should be independently investigated. However going in with the expectation that they were only committed from the OLA or TDF, will impact the findings. So there should be an open minded investigation that will allow for possibility that the findings could reveal that the #EthiopianGovernment may be responsible.

I further my analysis of this discussion by stating that there is a small amount of validity in the argument that erasing of ethnic federalism will bring unity and peace. However as I have said before, that appears to be dream like, fantasy. It would work, if there was only one nation in the state of Ethiopia. Yet what the #Amhara elite fail to recognise is the significance of the individual cultures, and identities within #Ethiopia hence multiple nations in one state.
Tedworos states the TPLF and ethnic federalism is the reason ethnic tension exists.

I will argue NO, the reason ethnic tension is happening, is because it was always going to happen. There are different peoples forced to be under one banner! The reason Ethiopia is falling apart is because there is no respect for the nations of Tigray and Oromia and all others from the #AmaharaELITE !

Should it be how they wish, Ethiopia will continue to have this conflict every 30 years (as has been for the past 200 years).

The collective emotional narrative tied to a singular #Ethiopian Identity without respect of other identities is in my opinion why Ethiopia is failing. So many people still want to deny the man made boarders of #Menelik the #Italians and #French and their colonial vision of forced “unity” is why the #HornOfAfrica is such a mess.

When the Europeans came to Africa, they too were trying the boarder’s of multiple ethnic regions under the banners of imperial rulers back in Europe. They drew the boarder’s as they were in their homes, dividing ethnic lines so as to have nice neat, easily divided business districts.

These boarders still exist and we see many separations in nations. for example, the #Saho#Irob#Kunama and #Tigringa people are divided across Ethiopia and #Eritrea. The #Afar between #Djibouti Ethiopia and Eritrea and the #Somali over #Somalia and Ethiopia. (I am sure there are many examples I am missing).

After the bloody and violent liberation revolutions, world war I and II, these boarders returned to form nation states. Much like the people of Oromia and Tigray want now. It is them who are leading the way to the creation of Nation States in Africa.

If this is seen as a disaster to those who wish to impose their single view on the world then so be it. But I see this as a way to keep the western business districts happy and their economy floating. I wish to allow them to fight for singularity as per the #DergRegime. In my opinion this ideology supports a globalised cultural model expressed in many Hollywood fantasies, that all humans are the same in everyway. And that to me is a denial of cultural and identity rights. And a suppression of nationhood.

For me this mode of thinking does not allow for GLOBAL economic growth and competition, only those who are currently living in nation states or close to such structures (via the creation of new nations plonked on top of old eg. Australia, USA, Canada).

Because I think, so long as nations in the Horn of Africa are separated along fake boarders created by those mentioned above, and not via nations of the same heritage, #Africa as a whole will never reach the standards of European and Asian economies. Whilst the “togetherness” exists, so will the conflict.

I believe and fight for all people to have the right to activate article 39 and be part of their own Nation State (country). And then we will all see just how prosperous birds of the same feather can be, when they are left to fly on their own.

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