Is it the right time for democracy talks?

Before democracy and human rights and economic equality can be achieved, first the society must be ready. And that requires the people to be focused on these things, and wanting the government to work for them.

In the imperial systems of the world, a king or queen was essentially a dictator, appointed by God. Where he or she was to be respected and worshiped as an extension of God. This formed a society that did not believe in the miracles of the universe. A society where people were subservient and essentially slaves of the leader, paying tax for some kind of protection, until time of said protection is required, then the people were to step up under the king or queens names and protect them.

In many parts of Ethiopia (particularly those ruled by feudal lords) this mentality has not been broken. Steps to more democracy have happened within the society. But there is still a large number of people who worship in a sense a political leader or military general or in some cases even just a flag. And this causes a clash in power. And the people are used as pawns in war, over and over again.

The western culture, in particular the USA is no better. In stead of having a culture where people vote for a political party and it’s merits they have evolved into a society that votes for a president, a single person quite often. And then that person lets them down, because that is never what the party they represented stood for. It was just their selling slogan or promises. Then there is the idolising of celebrity and musicians. This is not far from the feudal system however instead of paying tax these god like figures are paid by capital endorsements.

There are people in society who do well. And as a collective people can congratulate. But there is a push in the diaspora I see lately idolising one or two figures because they are speaking a message. Or asking and demanding that they lead a movement. There is still a very clear mentality out there which is idolising a figure head who promises they “stand” for human rights, economic freedom, political stability and freedom, instead of actually idolising and demanding these values for themselves and their people. There are people out there who do things for attention but pretend it’s for other people. They are charming, kind, and appear brave. But have a hidden agenda. It is this kind of people that fool a whole society. And this worshipping kind of mentality is what turns people into blind murderous supporters of Daniel kibret, Abiy Ahmed and Isias Aferwerki.

There is a lot of talk about whether it is the right time now to be thinking of the future? And I ask, if not now when?

I see people say, but we are suffering so much, and to that I say no, you in overseas are suffering a little. The people in Tigray are suffering so much. So you are privileged, you have space to cry and express yourself. Do the people in Tigray? NO. So I ask what are you going to do with the privilege of safety? I see too many “activists” crying online and bringing the collective energy down with them. Can you modify your thought pattern and operate through logic and plan for the future when you are depressed? If you are feeling so low and lost in your mind, can you see clearly if a would be dictator is promising you the future when their plans is for the power? Through experience, I have noticed, if I am down, I am vulnerable and easily led. And it is also through experience that I have learnt some people prey over the vulnerabilities of others to advance their careers. The perfect example is the rise of Abiy, he preyed over the hurt of the Oromo people, promised them the world and used their pain to advance his position and now, has turned on them and their cause. And this is what I am witnessing on social media in all landscapes, the world over. By following social media “celebrities: who maybe unintentionally bring the collective energy into a place of negative, the society is going to be lost in a way. And unclear on the way to reach up and free themselves or plan to prevent such atrocities happening again.

I believe the answers to many of my rhetorical questions here is taking the time to focus on the individual, you, your family. If you do this, you will see that sometimes, too much of a community reliance and connection via social media is toxic. With the collective emotions as down, you have no time to rise, to question and to plan.

Many people overseas are college graduates with so many skills that can be used to rebuild Tigray. Hundreds of men and women are educated in the modern technology that can be used quickly to heal the damage caused by the invaders. Use this time to create these plans, get off social media, and in my heavily unpopular opinion, end the twitter frenzy, the foreign policy of any country is never going to change 1, by twitter and 2, even if the whole society asks them too. Spend time in nature and comfort your pain so that you can utilise the privilege of safety. Be a useful light for the future instead of a dulling light of the present.

Please Tegaru, do better. No human is worth your worship! When an individual achieves success, congratulate them and move forward.

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