Protection of self- Sovereignty

I intend to add onto this first draft of my beliefs in self sovereignty and national identity and its implications in nation building and preservation of history.

I know I’m an outsider. But I honestly come to this fight as someone who is aware of the outside and would rather stand on the ground with the people. I am wholly aware of what happens when outsiders interfere in the internal affairs of any entity. So I come to this post from the perspective as an equal. Who has learnt from the life I’ve lived outside.

And my friends, I am tired with this outside call to the west to fix the issues or bring justice to the criminals. Or glorifying alleged lobbyists or western bloggers as a “thankfulness” to the west.I’ve recently learnt (through the incredible knowledge of Tsegaye R Ararssa) that the law of Ethiopia allows for the punishment of the criminals of current 4kilo.

I wish I could speak in Tigringa to get my message across. But I’ll try my best. Don’t lose faith in your own fight! Protect the sovereignty of Tigray and the capabilities of Tegaru deep in your prayers. It is only those who help themselves who succeed.

The struggle of the first TPLF was not won by the west, it was not helped by outsiders. It was won through the hard work and determination of the people. Today’s fight to defend the people and restore peace is no different.

As a human being, if we have a problem in our life and fail to look at our own mistakes and strengths and rely on an outsider to fix it, nothing will change. And people will be able to lead you left and right as you struggle with with your insecurities. By paying attention to your own strengths and pulling yourself up again it is a way of maintaining resilience. It’s a way of maintaining your personal sovereignty to make sure your life is the way you want it. Not how other force it to be.

The same is for a body of people. If you invite others to solve your problems, your sovereignty is dislodged and you become a tool for others to leverage their own career and agendas. So with my humbleness in tack I ask you all, please start taking the energy asking the west for help to making sure your peoples story and history is told. That your sovereignty in history is restored to the world. So that when people look at Ethiopian history, they realise, it was not this way for thousands of years. But in fact, Tigray was! All you need to gain justice and to ensure the ppCult are not given impunity is right under the noses of the constitutional and penal code of the country.

Seek the justice within and plan for the future, where your people are fully educated in options of political arrangements, including independence and let them chose. But cutting your nose off to spite your face, ie completely ignoring the institution’s that can seek justice inside Ethiopia and hoping the west will deliver it, is just another cause for long term disappointment.

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